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Our process


The Design Consultation

With FineLine Doors, we invite you to explore the benefits of our complimentary design consultation, where our knowledgeable advisors stand ready to assist you in creating a structure that perfectly suits your needs.

By incorporating your vision and preferences, we can tailor a design exclusively for you. If you already have an architect or designer, we are committed to working collaboratively to ensure that your new custom glass structure reaches its full potential.

FineLine Doors’ structures are one-of-a-kind, composed of unique elements rather than standard parts. This provides designers with the flexibility to bring your ideas to life with creative expression.



Laser scanners provide precise measurements in three dimensions, both indoors and outdoors, right at your fingertips.

FARO®’s latest series, the ultra-portable FocusS Laser Scanner, empowers you to swiftly, easily, and accurately capture measurements of intricate objects and buildings. The intuitive touchscreen of the FocusS models has been enhanced for an exceptional user experience, with increased size and clarity. The built-in 8-megapixel HDR camera effortlessly captures detailed imagery and offers a natural color overlay to the scan data, even in challenging lighting conditions. Retaining features like lightweight design, compact size, and a 4.5-hour battery runtime per charge, the FocusS Laser Scanner is truly mobile, ensuring fast, secure, and reliable scanning.

Glass Box Extensions

Concept Design Approval Presentation

When dealing with something as unique, innovative, and extraordinary as an Apropos bespoke structure, an architect’s blueprint may require a considerable stretch of your imagination. That’s why we choose to bring our structures to life in virtual reality.

Utilizing state-of-the-art 3-dimensional solid modelling and CAD systems, we generate computer-generated images that allow our designers and clients to vividly visualize and compare ideas and variations with exceptional realism and detail. Simultaneously, this approach ensures the optimal specification of the project.


Design and Manufacture Installation

After the approval of the General Arrangement Drawing (GAD), we will proceed to create detailed manufacturing drawings. These drawings serve as the basis for crafting the components of your unique bespoke structure. They provide specifications for the required glass Low e/solar protection and the details of your customized metalwork.

Every Fineline structure is individually crafted according to your chosen design. Once the raw materials are acquired, the aluminium frames undergo custom extrusion, followed by polyester powder coating in your selected colour. The meticulously prepared components are then carefully wrapped, ready for delivery. In certain instances, we may conduct a trial build of part or the entire structure at our facility, particularly when dealing with intricate shapes or design features. This ensures a proper fit and eliminates any potential issues for the installation team.